The Tadpole That Ate Too Much

A Killer Whale can’t eat Kale by Matt B

Dun Dun did it
Dun Dun Did It! by Matt B

My Special Dinosaur Adventure (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)

Zoo mystery book cover
Me and the Great ZOO Mystery (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)

My Adventures in Nursery Rhyme Land cover
My Adventures in Nursery Rhyme Land (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)

My Adventurs with the NRL Series cover - Matt B lewis
My Adventures with the NRL series (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)

AFL Cover
My Adventures with the AFL – Written and Illustrated Matt B Lewis

Let’s Write A Picture Book – A Practical Guide

croc a doodle snap cover
Croc a doodle snap – by H Sian (illustrated by Matt B Lewis)

The Cat's Whisker
The Cat’s Whisker – by Steve Coleman (illustrated by Matt B Lewis)

Fergus Flannigan
Fergus Flannigan’s show’n’tell Shenanigans – by Ruth Kelleher (ilustrated by Matt B Lewis)

Legs Eleven
Legs Eleven – by Ruth Kelleher (illustrated by Matt B Lewis)

My Adventures In Birthday Land Cover
My Adventures In Birthday Land (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)

Monsters in My Garden
Monsters in My Garden by Matt B

I recently had the privilege of working with Matt B on our latest children’s book,
“The Cat’s Whisker”.
It was a project with a serious deadline.
In under five weeks the work was complete and ready for print … on time and on budget.
When I think of Matt B and this project, I think: professional rigour, family minded, thorough and flexible yet uncompromising in commitment to quality with a polished product at the end.
Matt B wields his ever-expanding suite of graphic design and artistic tools with the skill and precision of a master of his craft.
I am looking forward to working with Matt B Lewis on more projects in the future.

Steve Coleman
Author – Director
Wow! I struck gold with Matt B Lewis, Illustrator and Author.
His unique, vividly colourful and engaging illustrations enhanced the visual flow of my story and ultimately brought my book, “Croc-A-Doodle Snap”, to life.
Professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with, Matt B Lewis has my highest recommendation.

Matt B Lewis is a gem; the bees’ knees; the cats pyjamas!
I cannot gush his praises nearly enough. With his creative artwork and design, he recently brought my two stories to life- “Legs Eleven” and “Fergus Flannigan’s show’n’tell Shenanigans”.
Matt was professional, down to earth and charged affordable rates. He provided sound advice, knowledge and guidance and Matt was committed to getting my stories to print. He did this seamlessly.
Matt has made my pipe dream a reality. I highly recommend his work and fervently hope we embark on future projects together.

Ruth Kelleher