Picture Books

The Cat's Whisker
The Cat's Whisker - by Steve Coleman (illustrated by Matt B Lewis)
Legs Eleven
Legs Eleven - by Ruth Kelleher (illustrated by Matt B Lewis)
Killer Whale
A Killer Whale can't eat Kale by Matt B
Dun Dun did it
Dun Dun Did It! by Matt B
My Special Dinosaur Adventure (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)
Zoo mystery book cover
Me and the Great ZOO Mystery (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)
croc a doodle snap cover
Croc a doodle snap - by H Sian (illustrated by Matt B Lewis)
Monsters in My Garden
Monsters in My Garden by Matt B
My Adventurs with the NRL Series cover - Matt B lewis
My Adventures with the NRL series (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)
My Adventures in Nursery Rhyme Land cover
My Adventures in Nursery Rhyme Land (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)
AFL Cover
My Adventures with the AFL - Written and Illustrated Matt B Lewis
My Adventures In Birthday Land Cover
My Adventures In Birthday Land (Illustrated by Matt B Lewis)
I recently had the privilege of working with Matt B on our latest children’s book, “The Cat’s Whisker”. It was a project with a serious deadline. In under five weeks the work was complete and ready for print … on time and on budget. When I think of Matt B and this project, I think: professional rigour, family minded, thorough and flexible yet uncompromising in commitment to quality with a polished product at the end. Matt B wields his ever-expanding suite of graphic design and artistic tools with the skill and precision of a master of his craft. I am looking forward to working with Matt B Lewis on more projects in the future.
Wow! I struck gold with Matt B Lewis, Illustrator and Author. His unique, vividly colourful and engaging illustrations enhanced the visual flow of my story and ultimately brought my book, "Croc-A-Doodle Snap", to life. Professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with, Matt B Lewis has my highest recommendation.