1st School reading of my yet to be published book

February 27, 2019
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Had my new book ‘A Killer Whale can’t eat KALE!’ (not published yet!!) read to two grade one classes today…wowser the feedback was amazing!.. they giggled and laughed, they loved the rhyme, and tried to anticipate the next thing, they loved the characters and the expressions… it was so enjoyable to hear that the book fit in with their curriculum of healthy eating, they even had discussions on what other names Killer Whales were called and were surprised to have a fact sheet at the end of the book.

Great validation and with the teachers endorsing it I will now look to get a publisher on board.

Matt B on ABC Radio

November 2, 2018
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Gidday everyone,
I just wanted to share the latest..
I will be having a chat with Pat Hession from ABC radio on Tuesday 6 November at 9:35 am…  so feel free to tune in on the radio, on the ABC Listen app, or www.abc.net.au/northqld..

Catch you then..
Cheers Matt B

ABC radio