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Have you ever dreamED of creating your very own Picture book?

Once upon a time (Pun Intended) , I was a novice writer looking for ways to overcome my own self doubt and learn the ropes to craft a beautiful book for my kids…
It is why I created this course, I wanted to help emerging creative writers and artists by showing you everything I have learnt in the last four years. This is what’s inside:

1. What a Picture Book actually is.
2. Where to get ideas that write themselves.
3. How to craft a hero for your story.
4. The 7 Basic Story Plots.
5. How to create the problem and solution for your story.
6. The importance of building your world.
7. The 3 Act structure and how it fits into picture book format.
8. The important elements of good storytelling.
9. About the illustrations and how to find and work with an illustrator.
10. Paths to publication including traditional
publishers, print on demand and agents.
11. How I actually work through a real life project.
12. How to edit your work.
13. The Essential Print Jargon you need to know.
14. Illustration Mediums.
15. How to work with the Picture Book Manuscript.
16. The Art of Thumbnailing.
17. The 32 Page Layout and how to work with it.
and so much more…

This course includes a treasure trove of downloadable resources including special interviews with authors and illustrators of children’s picture books.

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