Draw 52 Challenge

My Goal for this coming year…

I aim to complete one character design each week, for the whole year, each character will be up to clean render and I will also upload them to Threadless for printing..

It is going to be a massive undertaking – but hopefully will eventuate with a solid book of characters come Christmas next year.. I might even compile it into a compendium showing construction steps through to final render and put it in my shop.


Wish me luck.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone,

So in preparation for an illustration workshop for kids early January, I am designing a variety of characters that they can learn to draw to illustrate the stories they develop during TWPC Scriblerz event.

Here is a quick idea for a kid character.

I will be designing one character a day for the next 10 days so stay tuned…


Once again have a very merry Christmas..



Matt B