Monsters in my garden

Matt B Lewis Illustrator and Author

When not wrestling wild BUNYIP’s in the Australian outback, Matt B spends his time writing and illustrating instant favourites, such as:

‘A Killer Whale can’t eat KALE!’.

Matt B is a welcomed guest at schools and creative events empowering children to be inspired through his foundational approach to the illustration process.

Matt B lives, breathes and creates in Queensland, Australia with his wife and two amazingly creative kids.

Picture Books

The Cat’s Whisker – Illustrated Dec 2019
Legs Eleven – Illustrated Oct 2019
A Killer Whale can’t eat Kale – Written and Illustrated Mar 2019
Croc-A-Doodle-Snap! – Illustrated Feb 2019
My AFL Adventures – Written and Illustrated Jan 2019
Me and the Great ZOO mystery – Illustrated May 2018
My Adventures in Nursery Rhyme Land – Illustrated Mar 2018
My Adventures in Birthday Land – Illustrated Dec 2017
My Adventures with NRL series – Illustrated Oct 2017
My Special Dinosaur Adventure – Illustrated Aug 2017
Dun Dun Did it – Written and Illustrated January 2017
Monsters in My Garden – Written and Illustrated Oct 2016