Combined Forces

January 30, 2020

The Power of Collaboration

This isn’t just another Picture Book story, this is a story about locals joining forces to keep a promise to a young boy.

When Steve Coleman (local author) told me that he had promised to have the Cat’s Whisker printed by Milo’s birthday it left me only 5 weeks to transform his manuscript into print ready artwork. With the 7 week lead time required from the printers there was no margin for delays.

So what did the 5 weeks consist of I hear you ask…

  1. Character design
  2. Composition
  3. Thumbnails
  4. Layout
  5. Typography
  6. B&W book dummy
  7. Colouring
  8. Cover Design
  9. InDesign Layout
  10. Output Print ready files, and
  11. Liasing with Printers for final adjustments

All in all an epic, enjoyable and trully fulfilling experience.  Not that I would want to make a habit out of it, but it does show what can be achieved when like minded creatives share a common goal and work in unison.

That’s all from me for now,

Matt B

Children Book Academy

May 18, 2019

So I have finally taken the plunge and moving out of my comfort zone – I am enrolled in the Middle Grade Mastery course with Mira Reisberg, Rachael Stein and Hillary Homzie…If you were ever wondering how to start or where to go to learn about writing for Kids – look no further than the Children Book Academy.